Sir Prize Avocado Trio

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Sir Prize Avocado Trio

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About 1.2 lb per trio
It's not that there's anything wrong with a Hass avocado. We're all familiar with the high oil content and rich, buttery texture of the 'gator-skinned avocado variety that accounts for 95% of all the avocados grown in California. But, like many other fruit and vegetable varieties that have dominated the commercial market for the past few decades, the Hass rose to prominence due, in part, to qualities like high yield, shippability, and aesthetic appeal. For these reasons, the Hass is by and far the avocado of choice for an increasingly global avocado industry. And hey, let's admit it, it tastes pretty darn good. 

But there are other avocados out there that rival the flavor of the Hass.  There is, for instance, the Sir Prize avocado.

The Sir Prize is sweet and almost aromatic, with a light, creamy texture. Its paper-thin skin and small pit give the Sir Prize a 83% ratio of edible flesh to skin/pit--compared to the 60-70% ratio of most other varieties--making it a great bang for your buck.  The Sir Prize is best eaten when the skin has turned black and the fruit has softened to the point where you can make slight ripples with the flesh under the skin.  Despite being much softer than you'd ever eat a Hass, a Sir Prize at this stage won't take on that slightly off smokey taste an overripe Hass will.  And as icing on top of the Sir Prize cake, this variety doesn't oxidize (meaning they don't brown at all!), making it perfect for a beautiful and bright green guacamole.

As the California Hass season winds up, and most supermarkets and restaurants source their avocados from Mexico or Chile, the Sir Prize season is just starting up 6-8 weeks ahead of the new crop of California Hass.  Enjoy these amazing avocados grown by Tenalu in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, just 260 miles from San Francisco.

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