Organic Cauliflower

Swanton Berry Farm

Organic Cauliflower

1.5 lb
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Organic Cauliflower

Notes From The Producer

Swanton's coastal-grown Cauliflower is coming to us in perfectly white, small-medium heads with a few outer leaves left on to protect it from bruising and discoloring oxidization. It's tender and sweet and can be enjoy roasted or simply steamed!

You can eat this Cauliflower with the knowledge that you're supporting a farm that's on the forefront of good agricultural labor practices.  Employees of Swanton Berry Farm are proudly unionized under United Farm Workers and the Agricultural Justice Project has certified them as Food Justice Certified. Read more about Swanton's industry-leading labor practices here!

Product Details

About 2 heads per 1.5 lb

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About The Producer

Swanton Berry Farm
Davenport, CA
Swanton Berry Farm grows Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Artichokes and other crops on the Central Coast. They're CCOF organic certified, Food Justice Certified by the Agricultural Justice Project, and unionized under the United Farm Workers AFL-CIO. Read more