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Organic Grape Fruit Leather

0.5 oz
$1.78 / oz
Organic Grape Fruit Leather

Product Details

Contains a single fruit leather (.5 oz)

Stretch Island's Organic Grape Fruit Leather is a delicious, portable way to enjoy healthy fruit in all seasons. Made with ¼ cup of organic, non-GMO verified fruit and absolutely no added sugar, this is the kind of snack that everyone in the household can enjoy. Add to lunch boxes, stash in school and gym bags, or hand out when those before-dinner hunger pangs strike.

Ingredients: apple puree concentrate*, grape puree concentrate* (organic*). 

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Stretch Island Fruit Co.
Stretch Island, WA
Founded in a humble laundry room on Stretch Island, Washington, they are passionate about providing those on the journey to better health with portable, real-fruit choices that delight. Read more