Stepladder Ranch

Avocado Fed Pork Smoked Bacon (Frozen)

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Avocado Fed Pork Smoked Bacon (Frozen)

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Pasture raised in Cambria, CA, Stepladder Ranch pigs are fed a vegetarian diet that includes all the avocados found on the orchard floor. A boneless cut, Avocado Fed Pork Belly has a high ratio of fat to meat, which lends succulent flavor and texture. Add a wonderfully simple salt cure and smoke, and voila! Bacon. Delicious bacon.

 Pork Legs, Water, Salt, Sugar, and Celery Baste Aid (sea salt, evaporated cane syrup and celery powder).

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Stepladder Ranch
Cambria, CA
We are a family farm on the Central Coast specializing in the creamiest, richest avocados.Read more