Organic Meadow Gold Monterey Jack Cheese

Steckler Grassfed

Organic Meadow Gold Monterey Jack Cheese

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Organic Meadow Gold Monterey Jack Cheese

Notes From The Producer

Steckler Grassfed Meadow Gold Monterey Jack is packed with the nutrition that comes naturally from grass-fed raw milk: omega 3 and omega 6 fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It's aged for at least 60 days, helping it to develop a nutty flavor and a creamy texture, with the complex flavor profile that comes from the varied diet of grass-fed cows. It's delicious enough that we like slicing it for snacking on its own, but it also makes a perfect grilled-cheese sandwich, melts beautifully into omelettes, or pairs with deli meat for that #notsaddesklunch we love so much.

Ingredients: organic raw whole milk, salt, cultures, enzymes.
Contains: milk.

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Steckler Grassfed
Steckler Grassfed is a family-owned, pasture-based, certified organic farm in Southern Indiana. They produce raw aged cheeses, pastured poultry, lamb, beef, and pork.  Read more