Sonoma Brinery

Manhattan Style Whole Kosher Pickles

32 fl oz
$0.22 / fl oz
Manhattan Style Whole Kosher Pickles

Notes From The Producer

Sonoma Brinery's Manhattan Style Whole Kosher Pickles are natural, probiotic, raw, and barrel fermented for a crunchy, brine-y burst of pickle flavor. Slice them into spears and serve alongside burgers, pressed sandwiches, and anything from the grill; slice into rounds for a charcuterie platter or a burger DIY spread; or munch an entire pickle for a tangy, tasty snack!

Ingredients: cucumbers, water, salt, garlic, spices.

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About The Producer

Sonoma Brinery
Healdsburg, CA
Sonoma Brinery is a family business focused on enriching the lives of their customers by bringing them delicious, all naturally fermented food that tastes great, has plenty of healthy probiotics, and doesn't break the bank.Read more