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Brown Sugar Chocolate N'Ice Cream

1 pint
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Brown Sugar Chocolate N'Ice Cream

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16 oz
Organic dark brown sugar and Guittard Cocoa Rouge cocoa powder are whisked together into a tantalizing ooey-gooey mixture and blended with Smitten’s exclusive clean-label Perfect Day base. The result is a lusciously smooth, lactose-free and vegan flavor, reminiscent of the flavor of your favorite homemade hot cocoa.

Ingredients: Smitten-exclusive clean-label Perfect Day base (water, sugar, coconut oil, sunflower oil, non-animal whey protein isolate, salt, pectin, calcium), Guittard Cocoa Rouge cocoa powder, organic dark brown sugar.

Contains: tree nuts.

*Through a process of fermentation, Perfect Day™ creates a non-animal whey protein that is identical to the protein found in cow’s milk. There’s no    dairy and no milk sugar (i.e. lactose) – making it completely vegan and lactose-free – but because it’s identical to the protein from milk, it is NOT dairy-free.

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