Wild Black Cod Fillet (Frozen)

Siren Fish Co.

Wild Black Cod Fillet (Frozen)

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Wild Black Cod Fillet (Frozen)

Notes From The Producer

Sometimes the freshest seafood comes from the freezer.

As soon as fish leaves the water it begins losing freshness. Your average fillet is several days old by the time it reaches your plate, and the taste and texture have already suffered. We use freezing to stop time and preserve the freshness of our fish. We seal our fish in vacuum bags that protect the fillets from freezer burn. We freeze our individually vacuum packaged fillets quickly and at a low temperature, which preserves the texture of the fish. Most importantly, we freeze our fish immediately after it’s caught. Our fish doesn’t travel the world, it’s landed twenty miles from where it’s filleted and frozen. Thaw exactly the amount you need right before you need it, and our fish will always taste like it was reeled in yesterday. 

Our sablefish are caught off the coast of Northern California by small-scale fishing boats using traps. We rush to make sure that the fish are filleted and frozen immediately, so that our sablefish tastes like it was caught yesterday. These rich, buttery fish are commonly called Black cod, though they are not technically a part of the cod family. You can hold these fillets in your freezer for up to one year.

Thawing Instructions: It is best to thaw our Frozen Wild Sablefish Fillets slowly under refrigeration. Thawing slowly keeps the fillets firm. Nobody likes mushy fish. Thaw just what you plan on eating. Remove fillets from bags and place in a bowl inside your refrigerator. Allow the fillets to thaw for 8 to 12 hours. Cook fillets within 24 hours of thawing.


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8 oz, frozen, vacuum packaged

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