Hot Smoked Sablefish

Siren Fish Co.

Hot Smoked Sablefish

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Hot Smoked Sablefish

Notes From The Producer

Wild local sablefish (black cod) brined for 24 hours and smoked for two days. Angelo's Meats and Sausage in Petaluma makes this rich smoked sablefish for us using salt and smoke. Angelo is a smokehouse master and has agreed to make small weekly batches for us so that our salmon is always fresh from the smokehouse. It's immediately flash frozen to maintain that freshness and is defrosted the night before delivery to you!

This is a hot smoked fillet, so it will not be sliceable but will flake beautifully. This smoked fish is delicious and very rich. 8 oz. is enough smoked fish to make a main course salad for two to three people. You won't find a better addition to your bagel or salad.

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