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Grain-Free Nacho Tortilla Chips

5 oz
$1.09 / oz
Grain-Free Nacho Tortilla Chips

Notes From The Producer

Imagine a tortilla chip that's crisp, light, salty and crunchy, but somehow made with zero grains: no corn or wheat at all. Thanks to Siete Family Foods, our imagination can now be a reality—and to go one crazy step further, these Grain-Free Nacho Tortilla Chips are dairy-free! Their savory, tangy, spicy, cheesy flavor comes from smoked serrano peppers, roasted garlic, tomatoes, nutritional yeast, and toasted onion powder. You might want to plan on a second bag.

Ingredients: cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour, ground chia seed, sea salt, tomato powder, nutritional yeast, smoked serrano powder, citric acid, jalapeño powder, toasted onion powder, roasted garlic powder. 
Contains: tree nuts.

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Siete Family Foods
Austin, TX
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