Side Hill Citrus

Organic Juicing Satsuma Mandarin

25 lb
$1.39 / lb
Organic Juicing Satsuma Mandarin

Notes From The Producer

These oddly shaped or oddly sized Satsumas might not be the prettiest, but the juice inside them is just as sweet and tangy as their more aesthetically pleasing brethren.  Some of these are fine to be eaten out of hand, while others may need a small soft-spot cut off before juicing.  And the price on these is perfect for making you and your loved ones tangy Satsuma juice for the next few breakfasts!

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Case of 25 lbs. of Juicing-Grade Satsumas

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About The Producer

Side Hill Citrus
Side Hill Citrus grows over 2,000 Satsuma Mandarin trees on 48 certified organic acres in the heart of Satsuma country--Placer County, California. RIch Ferreira, a fourth-generation Placer Co. farmer, with the help of his ranch hand Danny, has been growing citrus in Placer Co. since 1975, on acreage that was certified organic by CCOF in 1991.Read more