Seven Stills

For the Czar Whiskey

375 ml
$2.83 / fl oz
For the Czar Whiskey

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375ml, 47% abv
For the Czar Whiskey is the third whiskey in Seven Stills' "Seven Hills" series. They are making seven unique whiskeys for the seven hills of San Francisco, of which "For the Czar" is (fittingly) for Russian Hill. It starts with a Russian Imperial Stout that was distilled twice, with the second distillation passing through a gin basket packed with fresh California hops. The nose has notes of fresh roasted coffee, baking cocoa, hints of grapefruit, and lingering notes of caramel and molasses. On the palate are fruity notes of red berries, huge cocoa and chocolate notes, some bready and toasty malts, and hints of cedar and cigar from the barrel aging. This whiskey is great as a nightcap, with just a splash of water.

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Seven Stills
San Francisco, CA
Seven Stills is a local San Francisco distillery that makes whiskies based off craft beer.Read more