Seven Stills

Fluxuate Whiskey

375 ml
$2.83 / fl oz
Fluxuate Whiskey

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375ml, 47% abv
Fluxuate is the second whiskey in the San Francisco Hills Series, made in homage of Rincon Hill. It's distilled from a coffee porter, a nod to Rincon Hill's distinction as the first home of the J. A. Folger Coffee Company. Fluxuate opens up with huge aromas of coffee and vanilla, and finishes with dark, rich roasted flavors. The palate is medium-full to thick and has a slick mouthfeel. This whiskey is lovely to sip, but it's also peerless as a dessert pairing with vanilla bean ice cream or fruit crumbles. If you're feeling adventurous, try it as a nightcap with a caffè corretto.

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Seven Stills
San Francisco, CA
Seven Stills is a local San Francisco distillery that makes whiskies based off craft beer.Read more