Strawberry-Lime Granita

5 mins active2 hrs totalServes 4-6
If you never managed to grow out of your love of sno-cones (we certainly haven’t), try your hand at making this flavor-packed, icy-slushy strawberry granita. With no fancy equipment required (unless you count forks as fancy equipment?), this recipe is easy as pie to throw together!


2 pints Fresh Strawberries (or 2 bags frozen) strawberries

1 Lime, juiced

2 tbsp Honey

Step 1

Add strawberries to a blender (allow frozen berries to defrost until they’re a bit soft) with the lime juice, honey, and about a cup of water. Blend until it’s well-combined with a watery, pourable texture—much thinner than a smoothie.

Step 2

Pick out a roasting dish: we used an 8x10” dish, but anything that has a lip all around the edge will work. You’re aiming to have a liquid level just under an inch deep. Pour the strawberry mixture in and put it in the freezer, taking pains to make sure it’s level and stable.

Step 3

Every half-hour, break up the ice forming around the edges with the tines of a fork. Repeat this about 4 times, until you reach “sno-cone” texture. Serve as soon or it’s ready or keep in the freezer and enjoy it over the course of a few days.