Artichoke Prep 101

Be still our (artichoke) hearts!
Fried, stewed, or steamed, we’d be hard pressed to find someone that isn’t wild about this delicious, prehistoric looking vegetable. Because we know that handling an artichoke can be a little intimidating, we’ve broken down the steps of basic preparation here so you’ll be able to cook artichokes as often as you want to eat them.


2 artichokes

2 lemons, halved

Step 1

Peel the tough dark green outer leaves off until you get to the more tender yellow leaves.

Step 2

Peel the stem down until all of the tough, stringy green is gone and you see the paler yellow-green inside. Place in a large bowl of water with the juice of two lemons squeezed in; this will help keep the artichoke from browning until you’re ready to use it. Parsley stems will also help with this!

Step 3

Cut the top off your artichoke just above where the leaves start. You’ll start to see a more classic “artichoke heart” shape now.

Step 4

Halve your artichokes and scoop out the fuzzy purple and white choke.

Step 5

Cut into wedges for cooking.