DIY Chicken Bone Broth

5 mins prep12 hrs totalYields 2 quarts
This recipe is from one of our favorite bone broth experts, Lindsey at Mama Tong. The process takes a little patience but more than rewards you in the end. And if you're not feeling up for the project, you can always buy a batch of Lindsey's!


1 Whole Chicken or Stewing Hen

2 lb. Chicken Necks

1 lb. Carrots, each halved in order to fit in the pot

1 bunch of Celery, stalks separated and halved in order to fit in the pot

1/2 bunch of Thyme

1 Onion, halved with skins on

1 bunch of Parsley

Step 1

Gather your chicken and chicken necks—we love the parts of the chicken where motion originates because all that connective tissue that surrounds joints is packed with nutrients. Place them in the biggest pot you have and cover with filtered water by three inches.

Step 2

Allow to simmer GENTLY for 12-24 hours (depending on what you have time to monitor), adding water once or twice if the level dips below three inches above the height of the chicken. We recommend using the lowest setting on your smallest stovetop burner or using a roaster oven that allows you to set the exact temp (Nesco makes a great one with a stainless steel insert). Beware: we've found that most crock-pots cook too hot!

Step 3

An hour before the cooking is done, add your veggies. After they've cooked for an hour, turn the heat off, add the bunch of parsley and allow the broth to steep for 15 minutes. Strain in a colander and allow the broth to cool. Then portion into containers and refrigerate or freeze—or some combo of the two!