DIY Preserved Lemon

5 minutes active timeMakes 1 quart
If you’ve ever enjoyed a dish punched up with a touch of preserved lemon, you’ve been converted to the cult of this amazingly tasty ingredient. And luckily, they not only taste good but make a chic and easy holiday gift for your most flavor-crazy friend.


6 Meyer lemons, cut into quarters

½ cup kosher salt

3 Meyer lemons, juiced

2 bay leaves

1 dried chile

Step 1

Combine lemons, chile, bay leaves and salt in a bowl, then pack them tightly into a sterilized quart jar with the back of a wooden spoon. Add the juice then seal the jar.

Step 2

Leave at room temperature for three days, turning the jar over once or twice a day. After three days, place in the refrigerator for 3 weeks until the rind has softened.

Step 3

Since you’ll probably give these away before the three weeks are up, we suggest tying a ribbon around the jar with a note that tells your lucky friend the date on which the lemons will be ready!