DIY Labneh

5 Mins Prep1-2 Days Total2 Cups Yielded
Labneh is a wonderfully thick spreadable cheese-yogurt that you’ll find at many a Middle Eastern table. Use it instead of cream cheese on a bagel, fold it into cakes and frostings in lieu of sour cream or mascarpone, or just spice it with sumac and zahtar and serve as a dip with warm, crusty bread alongside dinner.

Ingredients (2 cups)

Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

A pinch of Sea Salt

Step 1

Mix salt and yogurt

Step 2

Line a bowl or plate with 3 layers of cheese cloth and scoop yogurt mixture onto it.

Step 3

Gather the edges of the cheese cloth together around the yogurt and tie with string.

Step 4

Find a cool corner of your kitchen or some fridge real estate and suspend yogurt over the bowl or plate.

Step 5

Let strain for 1 – 2 days, or until labneh is your desired consistency.