Cucumber and Melon Salad with Lemon and Serrano Pepper

10 minutesMakes 4 servings, as a side
The prettiest of summer salads. Soft melon meets crunchy cucumber, bound by a simple coat of olive oil and lemon. Slices of serrano add a welcome punch to this mellow, refreshing salad for the dog days.


1 Chanterais or Galia melon

2 Painted Serpent cucumbers, sliced into ½-inch coins

Juice of 1 lemon

Glug of olive oil

Pinch of flaky salt

½ serrano pepper, sliced, or pinch of dried chili flakes

Fresh mint or basil, roughly chopped

Step 1

To prepare the melon: cut the top and bottom off of the melon with a serrated knife. Stand upright, then cut around the melon to remove the rough skin. Cut in half, then scoop out the seeds. Cut flesh into bite-sized cubes.

Step 3

Top with several thin slices of fresh serrano peppers (careful, they’re hot!) or a pinch of dried chili flakes, flaky salt, and fresh herbs. Toss and serve!