Fig-Filled S'more

5 min totalMakes 1 S'more$2.00/serving
We added a little more to our s'more. Gooey summer figs are layered over melted chocolate and topped with caramelized marshmallows, all sandwiched between toasted baguette slices


2 slices crusty baguette

Dark chocolate

1 fig

2 marshmallows

Flaky salt

Step 1

Toast the slices of bread until golden brown. Layer three squares of chocolate on top of one of the slices, and melt under a broiler or in a toaster oven. Top with three fig slices and set aside.

Step 2

Toast marshmallows until caramelized by the fire, with a kitchen torch, or under a broiler.

Step 3

Add toasted marshmallows to the chocolate- and fig-covered bread, top with a pinch of flaky salt, and finish with the second piece of toasted bread. Grab a napkin, and enjoy!