Scrappy's Bitters

Aromatic Bitters

5 fl oz
$3.59 / fl oz
Aromatic Bitters

Notes From The Producer

Scrappy's answer to the classic and indispensable aromatic bitters, but made with none of the artificial dyes, gums, glycerins that are found in many bitters. For a touch of bitterness, aromatics, and just a hint of herbal spice, try in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or one of our lesser-known favorites, the Pink Gin.

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5 fl oz, 47% abv

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About The Producer

Scrappy's Bitters
Seattle, WA
Founded in Seattle by a bartender experimenting with his own infusions and cocktails, Scrappy's Bitters came from a desire to find unique and interesting new possibilities in the cocktail world.Read more