Sous Vide Pinned Chicken

14 oz
$11.41 / lb
Sous Vide Pinned Chicken

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Here to save your weeknight dinners is RoliRoti's Ready to Eat Pinned Sous Vide Chicken! It's cooked using sous vide, which seals in all the flavor and texture for a boneless, skinless chicken breast that's juicier than you've ever imagined it could be. The options are endless: re-heat to pair with cooked greens and your favorite grain, chop into cubes for salads and soups, simmer chunks in a curry or stew, slice thinly for sandwiches, or just eat as-is standing at the kitchen counter (we've all been there). The dairy-free Sous Vide Chicken has a clean, simple, and delicious flavor, perfect for dressing up any way you choose. This product has been pinned making it super easy to shred too.

Reheating: remove from packaging. Heat whole breasts in a microwave or a pan over low heat on the stove until warmed through. For faster heating, cut into slices or chunks. 

Ingredients: Mary's Free Range non-GMO & antibiotic-free chicken, salt.

Note: Because of the sous vide cooking technique, portions of the chicken may appear pink even though it is fully cooked and ready to eat. Best if used within 5 days of delivery.

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