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Ready to Eat Sous Vide Chicken


Ready to Eat Sous Vide Chicken

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Ready to Eat Sous Vide Chicken

Notes From The Producer

Fully Cooked Sous Vide Half Chicken- from Roli Roti in Oakland, Mary's Free-Range Chicken

This chicken comes to you fully cooked and ready to eat—you can add it to a salad or pasta dish as a no-prep protein option and have a complete meal in minutes! Or, for that Roli Roti rotisserie chicken experience in your own kitchen, we recommend you reheat in the oven and in under 20 minutes have a gorgeous, crispy skinned, golden brown roast chicken dinner ready to serve! 

Ingredients: Mary's Free Range Chicken (antibiotic free, non-GMO diet), Salt

Reheating Instructions:
1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
2. Remove chicken from the sous vide packaging and place in an oven safe dish.
3. Pat skin dry with a paper towel. If desired, season with olive oil, cracked black pepper or herbs.
4. Place in oven for approximately 15-20 minutes until skin is dark golden brown.
Note: Because of the sous vide cooking technique, portions of the chicken may appear pink even though it is fully cooked and ready to eat. Best if used within 5 days of delivery.

Product Details

1/2 chicken, 1.5-1.75lb, fully cooked.

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About The Producer

RoliRoti is the country’s first and finest mobile rotisserie, serving only sustainably-farmed meats and organic produce at their seasonal best. Read more