Ready to Eat Pork Carnitas

1.5 lb
$8.66 / lb
Ready to Eat Pork Carnitas

Notes From The Producer

An all-time fan favorite, RoliRoti's Ready to Eat Pork Carnitas are cooked sous vide for the most flavorful and tender meat you've ever tried. You'll find a packet of heritage pork lard alongside the meat, so you can pan-fry the meat and get that traditional crispy, caramelized finish. It's easy to shred for anything from tacos and nachos to salads, sandwiches, and posole, and infused with flavor from real orange and fresh herbs. For weeknight dinners, taco nights, celebratory feasts and everything in between! 

Reheating: remove from packaging. Heat included lard in a large pan, then add carnitas and keep over heat. As the carnitas heat through they'll begin to "fall apart" into the carnitas texture you love, caramelizing and getting crisp around the edges. Continue to fry them until you reach your desired level of crispiness, then devour!

Ingredients: pork shoulder, orange juice, orange zest, kosher salt, black pepper, bay leaves.

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1.5 lb fully cooked pork shoulder

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RoliRoti is the country’s first and finest mobile rotisserie, serving only sustainably-farmed meats and organic produce at their seasonal best.Read more