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Jumbo Jarrahdale Squash

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$1.33 / lb
Jumbo Jarrahdale Squash

Notes From The Producer

Autumn's huge winter squash harvest at RobinSong produced some amazing looking and amazing tasting squashes, and we'd love to share the abundance with you. Jarrahdales have a deliciously nutty flavor, with very firm and non-stringy flesh. It'll store for months, so feel free to use it as a dining room table centerpiece until you're ready to use it!

We're clearing out of all our storage squash, so we're putting our remaining supply on sale!

Please note: this is a fairly large squash. It weighs 7.5-12.5 lb and is approx. 12-15" in diameter.  It can also vary in color: it starts out blue-ish or green-ish grey and then begins to turn a bit more of a tan or pink in storage. It'll taste equally delicious no matter how it looks on the outside!

Product Details

Approx. 7.5-12.5 lb per squash, approx. 12-15" in diameter.

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RobinSong Farms
Templeton, CA
RobinSong Farms in Templeton, CA, grows only heirloom vegetables, grains and legumes on two acres (with four acres for expansion) of flat, clay loam soil. They take immense pride in producing nutritious, high quality food, with minimal ecological impact (focusing, also, on the indirect effects of their farming methods). They use no off-site inputs, such as soil amendments and pesticides, including Certified Organic materials. They save their seed, fertilizer with cover crops, and let the insects eat insects. In addition, they use virtually no plastic on the farm and act responsibly with their hydrological resources.Read more