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Organic Naked Carrot Sticks

1.4 oz
$3.06 / oz
Organic Naked Carrot Sticks

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With 11g of fiber in each package, Rhythm Superfoods' Organic Naked Carrot Sticks are packed with delicious nutrients including potassium and beta-carotene. They're gently dehydrated (never fried) to maximize their nutrient content and tasty crunch! A kid favorite that you don't have to peel or chop, carrot chips are a great school lunchbox or snacktime solution, and they're great on-the-go. 

Ingredientsorganic carrots.

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Rhythm Superfoods
Austin, TX
Rhythm Superfoods produces organic dehydrated—not fried—kale chips, beet chips, and carrot sticks. Read more