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Smoked Goat Cheddar

6 oz
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Smoked Goat Cheddar

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6 oz block

A goat cheese for tailgate parties has arrived! Our twist on an American classic, Smoked Goat Cheddar, has a smoky flavor strong enough to hold its own with salty chips, zesty salsas and hoppy beers. Like our Aged Goat Milk Cheddar this smoked version possesses an even, smooth texture and milky flavor with a rich smoky taste. Aged five to six months, this cheddar possesses a complex flavor, with a firm, smooth texture.

Serving & Storage Suggestions

Perfect as a table cheese with pears, apples or just as is, Goat Milk Cheddar cheese is also versatile, a wonderful melting cheese, ideal for quesadillas, baked into enchiladas, mixed into polenta or melting onto vegetables like cauliflower. Good on its own, Smoked Goat Cheddar also lends itself well to two other American classics, the hamburger and grilled cheese.

Goat Cheddar cheese can last up to a year unopened in your refrigerator where they continue to age gaining sharpness and flavor complexity. Re-wrap after opening in plastic or cheese wrap and keep refrigerated.

Ingredients: Smoked Goat Cheddar Pasteurized cultured goat milk, sea salt and vegetable enzyme, natural smoke flavor.

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