Forest Berry Sparkling Prebiotic Tonic

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Forest Berry Sparkling Prebiotic Tonic

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Meet Rebbl's brand new Forest Berry Sparkling Prebiotic Tonic: a hydrating, plant-powered beverage with 6g of plant prebiotics for digestive support and half the sugar of kombucha. This gut-friendly effervescent drink brings delicious, refreshing flavors of elderberry, blueberry, bergamot orange and craft-brewed fair trade Assam black tea. Always organic and ethically sourced. 

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic Assam tea (brewed organic Assam, water) organic blueberry juice concentrate, organic inulin (prebiotic fiber), organic red raspberry concentrate, organic elderberry juice concentrate (6x concentration), organic sour cherry juice concentrate, organic orange extract, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic mint extract, organic stevia extract, organic bergamot extract, organic cinnamon extract.

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Emeryville, CA
Rebbl creates delicious, healthful elixirs using only organically grown ingredients, not just for your health and wellbeing, but also for the health and well-being of the farmers, the soil, and the water used for cultivation.Read more