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Wild California King Salmon

1 lb
$29.99 / lb
Wild California King Salmon

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1 lb, previously frozen, arrives refreshed
The largest member of the salmon family and the most sought-after, California King Salmon is known for its tender, flaky texture and its incredibly rich, fatty, buttery flavor. This seasonal fish is the star of any meal, so we like to keep it simple with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a handful of fresh herbs with a squeeze of lemon to finish.

This product is FAS (Frozen at sea) to assure the best possible flavor and then refreshed for immediate enjoyment. Should not be refrozen.

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Princess Seafood
Fort Bragg, CA
The Princess is a 42 foot commercial fishing vessel based out of Fort Bragg. Princess Seafood specialize in sashimi grade, sustainably and humanely caught King Salmon.Read more