Wheat-Free Toasted Oat Crackers

Potter's Crackers

Wheat-Free Toasted Oat Crackers

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Wheat-Free Toasted Oat Crackers

Notes From The Producer

Hurray! Tasty crackers made with ingredients that are free of gluten! It took us a bit to come up with one that meets our cracker standards, organic, natural ingredients and a great pair for cheese! Made with Certified Gluten Free oats and oat flour this cracker is hearty, crisp and flavorful.

Our Wheat Free Statement:

We mix and bake our toasted oat, wheat free crackers in a separate room and with separate equipment from our wheat-based crackers.  Their primary ingredient is Certified Gluten Free oats.  Although we feel confident that they are gluten free, we have left wheat in our allergen list until we have a program of air-quality testing in place.

Ingredients: Certified Gluten Free Whole Oat Flour*, Sunflower Seeds*, Certified Gluten Free Whole Oats*, Potato Starch*, Sugar*, Butter*, Salt, Flax*, Baking Powder

* denotes organic ingredients

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Potter's Crackers
Potter’s whole grain, handmade, crackers are produced with California milled whole-wheat flour and local butter in Sacramento California.  Read more