Chai Spice Almond Milk

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Chai Spice Almond Milk

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Chai Spice Almond Milk

Notes From The Producer

Our chai spice almond milk is lightly spiced, delicately sweet and naturally nutritious. It is 100% pure, raw, organic and abundant in almonds. Ideal for breakfast, as a post-workout drink, or a delicious and wholesome on-the-go beverage. 

Ingredients: organic almonds, organic medjool date, vanilla bean, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic turmeric, purified water, pink himalayan salt

Product Details

10.75oz Bottle. Perishable, Keep Refrigerated. 5 Day Shelf Life

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About The Producer

Pop & Bottle
San Francisco
Pop & Bottle was born from our discovery that delicious taste and health are not mutually exclusive qualities in food. For us, this revelation came in the form of pure, organic almond milk. We are now on a mission to bring this honest almond milk to a wider audience - with the aim to offer a simple measure towards a balanced and healthful lifestyle.  Read more