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Mommenpop d'Pampe Grapefruit Vermouth

750 ml
$1.18 / fl oz
Mommenpop d'Pampe Grapefruit Vermouth

Product Details

17% abv, 750 ml
A delicious blend of grapefruit, rosé wine, and select botanicals. Zesty and refreshing!

All Mommenpop flavors are excellent by themselves over ice. They are juicy, bright, and taste like a pre-made cocktail! We recommend you try them by themselves first so that you can taste their complexity, but we also highly recommend them in a spritz (with anything fizzy: tonic water, sparkling wine, beer, cider), or with your favorite spirit. The Grapefruit is fabulous in classic cocktails like a Paloma or Garibaldi, and also tastes delicious with a splash of IPA or in a mimosa.

Ingredients: Pinot Noir Grapes, Grapefruit, Spices

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Napa, CA
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