Sweet Baby - Baby Romaine

5 oz
$0.99 / oz
Sweet Baby - Baby Romaine

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One 5 oz container

Fall in love with your new, purple obsession. This sweet and smooth romaine turns on the charm like no other, getting you hooked on its tenderness.

Plenty's baby romaine is sweet, unassuming, and tender. Plenty romaine is snackable all by itself! No dressing or meal prep required

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Indoor-grown romaine lettuce by Plenty is outside of the recent CDC/FDA advisory warning.

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About The Producer

South San Francisco
Plenty brings you leafy greens that taste like nothing available today. Because it’s harvested just minutes away in South San Francisco, they can use delicate varieties that are just-picked, maxed out with flavor and grown in a way that’s better for both you and the planet. Read more