Garden Party Spring Mix Blend

4.5 oz
$1.10 / oz
Garden Party Spring Mix Blend

Product Details

One 4.5 oz container
This Spring Mix brings a crisp and sunny sensation to any snack or meal. It feels more like summer than spring with its buttery, sweet, yet zesty combination.

Brings a sweet, buttery, and refreshing taste. Toss your spring mix with a simple touch of olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, mozzarella, and roasted pistachios for a refreshing salad at any time of day.

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South San Francisco
Plenty brings you leafy greens that taste like nothing available today. Because it’s harvested just minutes away in South San Francisco, they can use delicate varieties that are just-picked, maxed out with flavor and grown in a way that’s better for both you and the planet. Read more