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Kim Chi Kraut

16 oz
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Kim Chi Kraut

Notes From The Producer

Have a hunger for justice? Come get a taste of Kim Chi inspired Sauerkraut made by the Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co. Ingredients are sourced from the Phat Beets network of local sustainable farmers.  Raw, Mild spice, full of flavor, and made with a passion for a just food system.  Recipe by Lorena Ramos.

Ingredients: cabbage*, daikon radish*, green onion*, ginger*, garlic*, red pepper, pink mineral salt. *organic

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Phat Beets Produce
The mission of Phat Beets Produce is to connect small farmers of color to urban communities through the creation of clinic based farmers markets, school based produce stands, youth market gardens, urban CSA's, youth food businesses and community kitchens.Read more