Eggs, Salt & Pepitas Spice Dip

3.4 oz
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Eggs, Salt & Pepitas Spice Dip

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Contains 2 individually wrapped eggs and seasoning
Eggs, Salt & Pepitas Spice Dip from Perfectly Peckish is a delicious, convenient, and portable snack. Each snack pack contains two organic free-range eggs that have been hard-boiled to perfection and a crispy, crunchy blend of salt and pepitas for dipping. Protein-packed and pre-peeled, these eggy snack packs are great for a portable breakfast, pre-workout snack, or packing into lunch boxes. 

Ingredients: organic free-range eggs*, salt & pepitas dip (organic dry roasted pumpkin seeds, sea salt, high oleic sunflower oil, black pepper) (*farm fresh eggs are bathed in a simple citric acid wash to maintain freshness).
Contains: eggs.

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Sonoma, CA
Peckish creates ready to eat, perfectly boiled, organic free range egg products. Always gluten-free, dairy-free, high protein, and paleo- and Whole 30-friendly.Read more