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Uzuri African Blend Ground Coffee

10.5 oz
$19.79 / lb
Uzuri African Blend Ground Coffee

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10.5 oz ground coffee
In the words of Peet's Roastmaster Emeritus Jim Reynolds, "Coffee can be a powerful means of doing good." This unique combination of fantastic coffees from smallholder farmers throughout Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia does just that. Peet's partners with the non-profit TechnoServe, giving hands-on training to farmers to increase the yield and quality of their coffee crops so they can command more favorable prices from coffee buyers. Through their cooperatives, farm communities have built schools, installed power lines, and provided their communities access to affordable food, among other projects. The farmers named this sustainable, distinctly African blend Uzuri: which is Swahili for beautiful or excellent. With a flowery fragrance, smooth, malty-sweet flavors, and dark berry juiciness, Uzuri is clearly the perfect name for the blend.

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Peet's Coffee
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Sourcing high-quality coffees, Peet's utilizes direct farmer trade, farmer assistance programs, certified fair trade, and certified organic coffees to provide a great experience for their customers and for the farmers whose coffee they roast.Read more