Aquaponic Deluxe Salad Fixings

Ouroboros Farms

Aquaponic Deluxe Salad Fixings

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Aquaponic Deluxe Salad Fixings

Notes From The Producer

All the delicious extras that turn Ouroboros' famous Aquaponic Salad Mix into their even more delicious Aquaponic Deluxe Salad Mix.

The Deluxe Fixings are usually a mix of Ruby Streaks Mustard, Mizuna, Hearts of Fire, Watercress and Tatsoi.

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Ouroboros Farms
Half Moon bay
Ouroboros Farms is a commercial Aquaponics Farm in Half Moon Bay and Pescadero. Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture (the raising of fish) and Hydroponics (growing plants in water). We feed our fish Organic Fish Food which becomes nutrients for the plants. This method of food production has several advantages. Because both nutrients and water are always available to the plants, they grow up to 30% faster, can be planted up to 10x more densely, and use only 5-10% of the water required of a similar sized soil farm. In other words, we can grow upwards of 20 times as much produce with the same amount of water!  Read more