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Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

375 ml
$1.57 / fl oz
Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Bold, Grassy and Peppery. This early harvest tuscan style blend has a bite!

Our award winning extra-virgin olive oils are grown entirely in California. We hand pick these Tuscan olives and cold press them in Templeton, CA. 

Lightly sauté green beans and chopped garlic in this oil, and serve with lots of ricotta salata.

Olive Varietals : Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino. 

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Family, Community, Story: Family & Friends

Ben and Evan grew up among olive their family’s small olive grove, learning a love and respect for the land. It wasn't until after college – while Ben was working at Google and Evan was interning for Nike – that they decided to switch directions and follow their passion for food. Inspired by childhood experiences in agriculture they created The Other Brother Company, a fun business to support their family, friends and community, and serve as a creative outlet.

Sourcing, Practices, Standards: Organic Collaboration 

The Other Brothers grow and harvest their olives on two estates with the help of friends and family. They oversee the whole operation from olive to oil -- by planting, growing, harvesting, pressing, and bottling the oils themselves. All of their olives are grown organically and pesticide free. They collaborate with local chefs, artists, and craftsmen to create clever, genuine, quality American-made products.

Flavor: Gold Medalist

Their olive oils have won “Best in Show” in the Napa Valley Olive Oil Competition for a reason. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer smooth, bold, or a blend -- but we promise you will be impressed with these fresh and flavorful extra virgin olive oils. We recommend tearing off a hunk of baguette and doing some dipping!

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Other Brother Co.
San Francisco
We grow our olives on our family orchards in Carmel Valley and Templeton, CA. Our organic goods are delicious --and good for you! --hence our slogan, "Good goods".Read more