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Fresh 2018 Harvest Olio Nuovo

375 ml
$1.89 / fl oz
Fresh 2018 Harvest Olio Nuovo

Notes From The Producer

Harvested in November 2018, this is the freshest oil Other Brother offers. This ode to the arbequina olive oil has a robust and grassy "un-racked" profile, complete with notes of almonds and a peppery kick. Fresh from the orchard and milled straight into the bottle, this is how olive oil is meant to taste. It will leave you feeling fresh, invigorated and alive! For the fullest flavor, we recommend using this oil in cold preparations or as a finishing oil.

Ingredients: arbequina olives.

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About The Producer

Other Brother Co.
San Francisco
We grow our olives on our family orchards in Carmel Valley and Templeton, CA. Our organic goods are delicious --and good for you! --hence our slogan, "Good goods".Read more