Osocalis Distillery

Apple Brandy

750 ml
$2.95 / fl oz
Apple Brandy

Product Details

750 ml, 40% abv
Osocalis Distillery's Apple Brandy is produced from over a dozen varieties of apples all grown in the cool coastal mountains of Northern California, from rare Hauer Pippin apples (a Slow Food Ark varietal, Hauers were the height of popularity and shipped worldwide in the 1900s, then nearly disappeared) to more well-known crabapples. This California apple brandy has a sweet, fruity scent and flavor, drying to an elegant and complex finish with light notes of honey, dried fruit, leather, walnut and allspice and a rich, viscous mouthfeel throughout.

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About The Producer

Osocalis Distillery
Soquel, CA
Osocalis Distilery strives to produce products that have the length, elegance and finesse of old world brandies, such as Cognac and Calvados, but with the fruit intensity and structure of California wines.Read more