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Queso Fresco

8 oz
$11.98 / lb
Queso Fresco

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8 oz container

This traditional fresh Mexican cheese has a creamy texture, but because we press the curds, the cheese can be easily crumbled and softens well when heated.

Queso Fresco can be used in many Mexican dishes, such as enchiladas and empanadas, or crumbled over soups and salads.

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About The Producer

Orland Farmstead Creamery
Orland, California
Paul Schmidt –a third generation dairy man– and Valerie Miller –head cheese maker– formed their partnership in 2012. Since then, Orland Farmstead Creamery's product line has expanded to include Fromage Blanc, Feta, Queso Fresco, Mozzarella and a house creation Ricottage. Read more