Organic Pastures Dairy Company

Organic Raw Milk Kefir

1 quart
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Organic Raw Milk Kefir

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Our delicious raw kefir, made from our raw skim milk, is easy to digest, probiotic, tummy-friendly and immune-building! Twelve live and active cultures are added to make the most delicious and nutritious kefir around.

USDA organic standards require that cows be pasture grazed just four months out of the year. OPDC goes far beyond this standard and grazes our cows on green pastures every day. In addition to green pastures, our cows are fed: a specially formulated organic mineral supplement, free choice salt and trace mineral blocks, high test organic alfalfa, and some sweet organic corn to keep them healthy and strong.

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Organic Pastures Dairy Company
Organic Pastures Dairy Company was California's first raw milk dairy with certified organic pasture land. The dairy is located near Fresno, California, in the heart of the fertile San Joaquin Valley, and is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated dairies in California.Read more