Lonely Mountain Farm

Bulk Organic Padron Peppers

2 lb
$8.99 / lb
Bulk Organic Padron Peppers

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Four 0.5 lb bags
These Organic Padron Peppers make the perfect appetizer. Bring a cast-iron to high heat, throw in your peppers, don't touch them until they've blistered on one side, give the pan a shake to blister another side, then remove from heat and sprinkle on some sea salt.

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Lonely Mountain Farm
Watsonville, CA
As with all the products in our Marketplace, we prioritize working with local producers as seasonality allows, and we maintain our strict sourcing standards. We source Organic Padron Peppers from many of our trusted partners, including Coke Farm, Riverdog Farm, Full Belly Farm, Lonely Mountain Farm, Blue House Farm, Tomatero Farm, and many others.Read more