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Organic Baby Bok Choy

1 lb
$2.99 / lb
Organic Baby Bok Choy

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Approx. 2-3 heads per lb
Sweet, tender and crunchy, Baby Bok Choy can be the main ingredient in your next stir-fry. Chop up the stem coarsely and throw it in a hot pan 60 seconds before the leaves, then remove from heat before any of the Bok Choy gets too soft. Pairs well with soy sauce and garlic.

Note: We source Baby Bok Choy from a variety of growers, including Lakeside Organic Gardens, Riverdog Farm, Coke Farms, and many others. We aim to fulfill your order with the producer listed in the title above, but as we are receiving produce every day, there is a chance yours may come from another of our trusted partners.

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Lakeside Organic Gardens
Watsonville, CA
As with all the products in our Marketplace, we prioritize working with local producers as seasonality allows, and we maintain our strict sourcing standards. We source Organic Baby Bok Choy from many of our trusted partners, including Coke Farm, Lakeside Organic Gardens, and many others.Read more