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Wild Sea Scallops

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Wild Sea Scallops

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1/2 lb (6-9 Fresh Sea Scallops)
Fresh Wild Sea Scallops from Maine...delicious, easy to quickly prepare & sear. 6-9 Sea Scallops.  Fresh out of the shell, dry-packed (no preservative liquid).

Preparation & Cooking:
4 minutes in a pan medium high with some kind of combination of garlic, butter, oil, salt & pepper.

These Scallops are sourced from M&B Sea Products a leader in SUSTAINABLE FISHING PRACTICES.
Here is information from their website

M&B Sea Products has deep ties to the seas of the North Atlantic. Each coming from generations of fishermen, John F Murray and Herman Bruce, came together in 1993 to found the company.

With years of knowledge and experience in the scallop industry, we established our business in historic New Bedford, Massachusetts, home to the largest scallop fleet in the world, and set out to provide the freshest scallops available. We operate our own fleet, allowing us to bring you some of the best sea scallops and seafood available!

It is our mission to ensure that you receive the finest scallops available, M&B Sea Products make quality and freshness our priority—because we operate our own fishing vessels, we can control our quality and set the same standards for our partner vessels. While observing sustainable fishing practices, we strive to deliver you the most high-quality sea scallops at competitive prices.

We go above and beyond to adhere to our strict standards. This attention to detail and expertise, coupled with our supreme customer service, ensures we provide the highest quality, environmentally sustainable scallops on the market.

M&B Sea Products is dedicated to ensuring sustainable fishing practices. In addition to strictly adhering to all rules and regulations of the fishing industry, we also have specially designed our gear to catch only scallops and minimal amounts of bycatch (the accidental capture of untargeted species). Both our owners are members of the board for Fisheries Survival Fund and we offer our fleet to be used in scientific discovery trips. We have great interest in protecting the New England fishery, which is not only our most valuable fishery, but also the most valued wild scallop fishery in the world.

The Atlantic sea scallop program is one of the most successful of its kind. Sustainably harvested scallops can self-replenish on a yearly basis. The Atlantic sea scallop population is near record highs as the fishery continues to operate at sustainable levels. The collaborative efforts of scallop fishermen, scientists, fishery managers, and environmentalists are responsible for keeping this fishery sustainable for today and the future.

To learn more about sustainable fishing practices, visit SMAST Fisheries and NOAA Fish Watch

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