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Wild Fish Sampler

0.66 lb
$22.71 / lb
Wild Fish Sampler

Product Details

1 or 2 varieties of Fresh fillets (0.66+ lbs)
New & Improved Fresh Fish Sampler includes 2 servings (0.66+ lbs) of 1 or 2 varieties of fish.  

Possible varieties include:
King Salmon (May-October)
Steelhead Trout
Arctic Char 
California Halibut
California White Seabass
Petrale Sole
Black Cod
Ling Cod
Rock Cod
True Cod
Sand Dabs
Albacore Tuna
Sea Scallops 

The concept of the Fresh Fish Sampler is based on another system that connects farms to the people called a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  But, In this case, fish.  You (the community) support the local fishermen, & me (the fishmonger).  Select either one-time, weekly (best choice!) or monthly.  You benefit by getting more than your moneys worth & a chance to try new fish.

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One Ocean Seafood
San Francisco, CA
One Ocean Seafood was created by Patrick Guyer, a fishmonger (fresh fish dealer) in 2012, to supply the Bay Area's demand for outstandingly fresh fish.Read more