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Wild California Swordfish Steak

0.5 lb
$19.98 / lb
Wild California Swordfish Steak

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One 0.5 lb filet, arrives fresh
We're excited to be carrying local California swordfish. This fishery is highly regulated and well-managed, which has helped restore a healthy local population of swordfish. Fresh Wild California Swordfish is a hearty, meaty fish often treated like a steak—try it marinated in olive oil, salt, and fresh herbs, seared quickly on the grill or in a cast-iron pan and served with a few squeezes of lemon. It's best when still a little rare at the center. This firm-textured fish also makes a great star of a seafood stew like cioppino.

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One Ocean Seafood
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One Ocean Seafood was created by Patrick Guyer, a fishmonger (fresh fish dealer) in 2012, to supply the Bay Area's demand for outstandingly fresh fish.Read more