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Wild Alaskan True Cod

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Wild Alaskan True Cod

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Approx. 0.5 lb fresh, skin off, boneless (1-2 fillets)
Fresh Alaskan True Cod 

Our True Cod comes from a MSC certified fishery from Kodiak Alaska. It is a sustainable fishery.  The catch method is a combination of Longline and Trap caught.

The U.S. Pacific cod fishery is now often hailed as one of the best managed fisheries in the world. A wealth of true cod are caught during the winter and spring months in the gulf of AK. Pacific True Cod are abundant and the fishery is considered by all means sustainable. These True cod are a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch “Best Choice” as they are hook-and-line caught.

True cod is the original ‘fish 'n chip’ fish. True cod have a mild and clean flavor with a perfect flake & large white-meat which allows for a variety of preparations. Though often found in fish and chips, cod is at its healthiest baked or broiled. Other cooking methods that work well with this fish include a nice sauté, fry, stew, or chowder. 

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