Frozen Half Pound Wild Gulf Shrimp (Peeled)

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Frozen Half Pound Wild Gulf Shrimp (Peeled)

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Frozen Half Pound Wild Gulf Shrimp (Peeled)

Notes From The Producer

Wild Gulf Coast Shrimp are one of few wild shrimp still available.  These Texas Shrimp are harvested under a sustainable management plan & follow environmentally safe guidelines.

The shrimp are firm, with a mild, sweet flavor.

Wild shrimp and farmed shrimp will have their own distinctive flavor profile simply because their diet is different.  Wild shrimp have a more varied diet — they feed on marine organisms, different types of plankton, organic matter.  The fish meal pellets that farmed shrimp are fed contain a lot of grains.  The wild diet naturally gives wild shrimp a more robust flavor profile than a farmed shrimp raised on a bland, unvaried diet.

The shrimp are peeled (shell-off) & deveined, Individually Quick Frozen (IQF), 16-20 per pound, in 1/2 lb packages that can be kept in the freezer for months.

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0.5 lbs Frozen Shrimp

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